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"Girls are not machines that you put kindness coins into until sex falls out."
Sylvia Plath. (via fermey)

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First person to buy an iPhone 6 in Perth immediately drops it

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80% of my friendships on tumblr

  • me: we should talk more!
  • them: yeah we should!
  • both: *never talks to each other again*

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Grown men who check out teenage girls make me physically ill.

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Don’t feel bad if you’re single because it just means you’re the best in the album

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Jeremy McKinnon | A Day To Remember
Parks and Devastation Tour | Lowell, MA


You deserve someone who loves you with all their heart, someone who will think about you everytime, someone who will be wondering every minute of the day what you’re doing, where you’re at, who you are with, and how you are. You need someone who helps you make your dreams come true, and make your fears go away. You need someone that treats you with respect, who loves you like no one no matter your flaws. You should be with someone that knows how to make you happy, really happy.

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You’re in love with him, and he’s in love with you, and it’s like a goddamn tragedy, because you look at him and see the stars, and he looks at you and sees the sun. And you both think the other is just looking at the ground.

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